Trump Furious at Israeli Paper Over His War Comments

Regarding an Israeli daily owned and published by GOP megadonor Miriam Adelson, former president Donald Trump attacked it during his Thursday interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Last week, Trump met with Omer Lachmanovitch and senior diplomatic journalist Ariel Kahana of the pro-Netanyahu newspaper for an interview.

Afterward, the two journalists expressed their amazement and dismay in an article published in Israel Hayom (Israel Today) about Trump’s message to Israel, in which the GOP’s likely 2024 presidential nominee called for an immediate stop to Israel’s battle with Hamas.

Hewitt questioned Trump over the interview and the subsequent media coverage.

In a conversation with the former president, he said he’d like to start with Israel since it had been six months since October 7th. He informed that people on the left took his recent interview with Israel Hayom and painted it as being critical of Israel. He told Trump that that morning, Jonathan Tobin wrote that among U.S. presidents, Trump was the most accommodating to Israel.

Hewitt asked Trump if that was accurate and if he was fully committed to supporting Israel.

Trump said Israel has “got to get it over with” in Gaza because they are “absolutely losing the PR war,” without answering the issue directly.

As Trump starts to ramp up his fundraising efforts ahead of the election, Adelson allegedly arranged the interview herself and recently dined with him. After her husband, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, passed away in 2021,

Adelson inherited his $32 billion fortune. Between 2010 and 2020, the Adelsons contributed almost $500 million, solidifying their position as long-standing power brokers in the GOP and making them the party’s most significant contributors in different election cycles. Miriam Adelson, a New York City casino license holder and native Tel Avivian, has pledged to stay neutral in the 2024 Republican primary; with her backing, Trump’s campaign coffers would get a much-needed boost.