Trump SCOTUS Case May Not Go As He Hopes

According to attorneys, it’s highly improbable that the United States Supreme Court will grant Donald Trump presidential immunity from prosecution.

But, if Trump is elected president, he can terminate the trial in several ways, including by pardoning himself or designating an ally as attorney general to dismiss the charges.

On Wednesday, the highest court in the land consented to consider Trump’s request to review his presidential immunity in connection with his upcoming trial in Washington, D.C., for election fraud.

The Supreme Court’s decision has furthered Trump’s aim of postponing the lawsuit until after the 2024 presidential election, regardless of the result.

If the Supreme Court follows its usual procedure for handling cases, the trial could be delayed until October or November. However, if it follows a streamlined procedure, the electoral fraud case may begin as soon as July.

Until the Supreme Court rules, the trial cannot proceed.

It might also be a considerable boon to Trump’s federal case in Florida, where he faces accusations of secretly storing papers after leaving the White House in 2021, as the court is expected to take a broad view of the topic of presidential immunity.

Law professor Greg Germain of New York’s Syracuse University informed that Trump has no chance of winning a case before the Supreme Court.

While the court considers presidential immunity, Germain points out that it usually does not apply in situations where the president is engaging in conduct for his own benefit.

New York University constitutional law professor Peter Shane claims that the court might have had a chance to dismiss Trump’s claim to presidential immunity had he asked for a stay, particularly since the D.C. Circuit appeals court had previously rejected his claim.

Federal authorities searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago private members club in August 2022 and found many secret documents. Trump, who is currently leading the Republican field for the presidency in 2024, has firmly denied all accusations and pleaded not guilty to all counts.