Trump Slams Judge for Suggestion He Might Need to Skip Son’s Graduation

Trump supporters on social media were in a rage on Tuesday after Donald Trump falsely claimed that the judge in his Manhattan hush money trial was preventing him from attending his son Barron’s high school graduation next month, the Associated Press reported.

As the former president was leaving the courtroom on Monday, he told reporters that Judge Juan Merchan would not let him go to Barron’s graduation. While fielding questions from reporters, Trump later expressed his disgust with the trial that was preventing him from attending the graduation ceremony, holding campaign rallies, or attending the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on his presidential immunity appeal.

Taking to Truth Social later that day, Trump doubled down, claiming in one post that Judge Merchan was “preventing me from proudly attending” Barron’s graduation. In a subsequent post, Trump claimed the judge was prohibiting him from attending the graduation ceremony.

Naturally, Trump supporters lost their minds, attacking the judge and claiming that he would have Trump arrested for going to Barron’s graduation.

The only problem is that Trump’s claim was false.

During Monday’s proceedings, Trump’s lawyers asked that the judge adjourn the trial on May 17 so Trump could attend his son’s graduation ceremony. One of the lawyers also asked that the trial not convene on June 3 so he too could attend his son’s graduation.

Judge Merchan said he wasn’t prepared to issue a decision on the requests at that time but added that if the case proceeded as expected, he would be willing to adjourn for those two days.

Trump did get one thing correct, however.

Judge Merchan is requiring the former president to attend the trial on April 25 when the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on the question of presidential immunity. However, Trump is not required to attend oral arguments.

As is standard in New York criminal courtrooms, Merchan also read the “Parker warnings” to Trump, informing him that his right to attend the trial could be revoked and he could be jailed if he acted in a disruptive manner in court. The former president said he understood that an arrest warrant would be issued if he deliberately failed to appear at the trial.