Trump Takes Victory In Idaho & Michigan Caucuses

A Republican candidate needs 1,215 delegates to secure the presidential nomination. Former president Donald Trump won the Michigan and Idaho Republican caucuses on Saturday.

Trump continued his advance toward the Republican nominee after he won the Iowa and Missouri caucuses and secured a landslide of delegates at the party convention in Michigan on Saturday.

On Saturday, Trump received the endorsement of every delegate who might make a difference, extending his lead over former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to 247 to 24.

Trump won Saturday’s contests in Missouri (with 54 Republican delegates available) and Michigan (with 39 delegates up for grabs).

This came after Trump won twelve at-large delegates in Tuesday’s Michigan Republican primary.

Trump also took home all 32 delegates from Idaho.

Trump currently has 247 delegates, thanks to his three victories on Saturday, while Haley has only 24.

The next challenge coming Sunday will be the GOP caucus in the District of Columbia. This coming week, 16 states plus American Samoa will have primaries on Super Tuesday, making it the most critical voting day of the year except the November election.

A presidential caucus was held this year in Idaho following lawmakers’ decision to cancel the March 12 presidential primary. The group in charge of coordinating the dates of state and municipal primaries decided against rescheduling the presidential primary for May 21st.

Democratic Party presidential caucuses in Idaho are scheduled for May 23.

There is very little time for Haley to change the outcome of the Republican nomination contest. On March 5, Super Tuesday’s most important day of the primaries, fifteen states plus one territory will cast their ballots.

Haley is clinging on due to the backing of contributors eager to see an alternative to the former president, but Trump is clearly in the lead with wins in South Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Nevada, and now Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho.