Video Catches Moment Cop Walks In On 7-11 Robbery

A surveillance camera at a 7-Eleven in southern California recently caught footage of a police officer entering the shop as an armed robber, wearing a hood, stood by the cash register, carrying a bag containing stolen cash.

A local report says Ramon Gonzalez (48) was seen on camera approaching the West Covina shop counter and requesting a pack of cigarettes from the cashier.

According to the TV station, the man displayed a revolver, pulled off his hoodie, and demanded everything from the register as the clerk started to put the smokes into a bag.

The criminal may have pulled off a simple theft, but the station said that surveillance footage recorded West Covina Sgt as it unfolded. Abel Hernandez, a regular client of the 7-Eleven, came into the shop to buy water.

Hernandez couldn’t help but notice the clerk’s troubled expression. He knew something was wrong when he noticed the terror on his face as he walked into the shop.  He’s normally very cheerful.

According to the station, the thief quickly took the $400 cash from the counter, saw Hernandez enter, and then ran for the exit.

The cashier yelled out that the robber had a gun.   Hernandez then turned and pursued the criminal.

Hernandez apprehended him within twenty feet of the store’s entrance.  The criminal resisted for a while before giving up when he was tackled. According to the report, other police officers quickly responded and were able to seize the cash and a loaded pistol.

In addition to being a felon in possession of a handgun, the suspect is facing many crimes, including robbery, according to the report.

Interestingly, just fifty minutes from West Covina, in Carson, California, the same incident occurred at a 7-Eleven four days earlier.

A sheriff’s officer apprehended the four armed individuals who were attempting to rob the local convenience store.