Woman Arrested After Fatal Hit and Run Kills One

A 25 year old female in El Paso, Texas, made media headlines in the region in late May after horrifically killing an individual with her motor vehicle in a “hit and run” incident. Leslie Lopez fatally struck a female pedestrian while driving her car and then drove away, attempting to flee the scene. On Sunday, May 19th, in the wee hours of the morning near 3 o’clock in the a.m., law enforcement officials were notified about a “hit and run” crash near the 1500 block of Lee Trevino. Arriving on the scene, a 21 year old girl named Kimberly Alissa Espinoza was planted on the sidewalk receiving medical attention. Espinoza had been attempting to cross the street without using a crosswalk, practicing an activity known as “jaywalking”. Espinoza was in front of a bar and may have been frequenting the establishment prior to the incident.  A witness then saw Lopez drive southbound and strike Espinoza and followed the car when she attempted to flee and did not pull over at the scene while another notified law enforcement. Lopez was then discovered and arrested at a later period in a different location. There was a passenger in the car who was also arrested. Espinoza was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Hit and run incidents are unfortunately fairly common. In another unrelated circumstance, in the state of Pennsylvania a 57 year old man was killed in a similar incident. In Norristown, Montgomery county, police were called to West Main and Astor Streets a little before 11 p.m. A man was found with no pulse and severe injuries to the lower extremities of his body. The man, named Brian Clark, was unable to be revived. Footage showed a black SUV striking Clark and then fleeing. The vehicle was later impounded by no updates as to a suspect or an arrest have been added in recent days. Incidents like these highlight life’s true preciousness.