Woman With ‘Urge To Kill’ Calls 911 On Self

Nobody is perfect, and everybody is guilty of doing something they might not be the proudest of. In times of stress, strain, or when high emotions prevail, people often act in irate manners that may be uncharacteristic of their usual countenances. For the majority of people, reason eventually prevails, and relationships can be healed, and mistakes eventually fully forgiven. Unfortunately, for some individuals, poor decisions can have lasting consequences and permanently affect the trajectory of their lives without the hope of redemption. This is certainly the case for one teenage aged girl from the southeastern United States who brutally murdered the boyfriend of her mother in bed.

A Floridian named Sunshine Grace James began assaulting her mother and the deceased fiancé with a firearm in the early morning hours on Wednesday, August 30th. This is not the first incident in which crazy, erratic, unpredictable family murders have occurred in the Sunshine State.

In the case of one elderly woman, tragedy and possible negligence on the part of law enforcement resulted in the loss of her life. In New Mexico, law enforcement officers were called to the home of an 82 year old woman named Juneanne Fannell. Fannell claimed that her caretaker Henry Cardana threatened to kill her and asked law enforcement officials to remove her from his care. After a short interview with cops (in which Cardana and one officer discussed owning firearms), the officers left. At the close of the conversation on police video, Cardana stated to Fannell “you’re fine until I kill you”. Begging for help, Fannell turned to the officers, before Cardana told them to leave. Four hours later, she was killed, horrifically by none other than Mr. Cardana.

One woman who committed a double homicide called 911 on herself, turning herself in. A 17 year old named Mashenka Reid of Reno, Nevada killed her father and brother in early February. Her mother and sister luckily survived.