Zelensky Calls For Peace Conference As War Continues

Amid the continuing war with Russia, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has asked Switzerland to arrange a summit of world leaders to discuss ending the conflict. Switzerland is prepared to host the meeting, according to President Viola Amherd, who also voiced interest in China’s potential involvement. Declassified papers from Germany’s Ministry of Defense show a detailed plan for Russia to take the situation in Ukraine to war within 18 months. Like he did in February 2022 when he invaded Ukraine, Putin plans to use Belarus as a springboard for a precursor to a World War.

Even Germany’s military brass aren’t ignoring Moscow’s warnings; by summer 2025, the Bundeswehr will be ready for a hybrid Russian assault on NATO’s eastern flank. According to the classified “Alliance Defence 2025” dossier, Russia plans to mobilize an additional 200,000 troops domestically before attacking Ukrainian forces in the spring of this year. It was projected that Russia would have achieved military victory by June and made considerable inroads into Ukraine. Claiming that ethnic Russian minorities are being targeted, Putin would conduct cyberattacks in the Baltics and instigate riots in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Since the conflict in Ukraine started, fears of an invasion of the Baltic have grown, and the Suwalki Gap would probably be Putin’s first step if he tried to launch such an attack. In January 2025, NATO will hold a special summit to address the growing danger Russia poses to its security.

According to papers by Germany’s defense ministry, Europe has three to five years to be ready for Russia to reassert itself as a significant military threat on NATO’s eastern flank. Russia needs a break to amass resources and strength, the prime minister of Estonia told Europe since aggression is prompted by weakness. Sweden’s minister of civil defense has issued a dire warning, saying that the country may soon be at war and asking the general public to think about their future.

To assuage concerns about the “threat” presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of his invasion of Ukraine, Britain’s Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that the country would deploy 20,000 military troops to one of NATO’s most extensive exercises since the Cold War. The United Kingdom’s delegation will include various military weapons, including fighter planes, observation aircraft, modern submarines and battleships, and more.