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About Red Nation Today

Red Nation Today seeks to galvanize the conservative movement by ensuring participants in our community are informed about what’s happening in America and around the world. We combine global news coverage in International Finds with Nationwide News, an in-depth look at domestic affairs.

Red Nation Today is committed to helping you hold our elected officials accountable as they interact with foreign officials, come across influential lobbyists, and find themselves influenced by the liberal media. And by the way — you won’t find that liberal media bias here. Red Nation Today firmly serves a conservative audience.

Our Mission

The mission of Red Nation Today is to inform and educate conservative Americans about issues affecting and threatening their personal rights and freedoms. We’re focused on preserving the rights guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution.

Red Nation Today is also very respectful of those who defend our nation and communities. We treat the men and women of our armed forces with great reverence, as well as the local law enforcement officers who protect and defend our communities on a local level.

About Us

What Red Nation Today Publishes

Red Nation Today publishes content to serve a conservative American audience and to galvanize the conservative movement by inspiring Americans with traditional values. We’re patriotic and present America in the best light while being cognizant of the insidious nature of liberal influence. We promote the spread of conservative values, knowing they will prevail, and that the right to life will be preserved.

With Nationwide News, you’ll receive coverage of legislation and other hot-button issues happening in America. With International Finds, you’ll get an informed perspective about international politics and conflicts without the liberal bias of the mainstream media.

We believe that at the core of every good news site is a set of clear and reasonable standards – an editorial policy designed to give our writers the freedom to explore new concepts while at the same time ensuring the quality of the end result for our readers. The Red Nation Today team is held to a very high standard, with zero tolerance for breaking away from our guidelines.

Ethics and Transparency

First and foremost, our writers are expected to disclose any affiliations that could present a conflict of interest when reporting. They are either to avoid a story or to include a disclosure of such potential conflict in order for the reader to be aware of any potential bias.

Ethically, we require our team to remain committed to unbiased reporting. This is especially important when it comes to covering sensitive topics like war and reproductive rights. We strive to avoid personal attacks, remain as objective as possible, and present both sides of every story.

Editorial Policy

Our Incredible Team

The team here at Red Nation Today is skilled and diverse. Each of our team members represent the American patriot as a whole, but individually reflect the melting pot that is our incredible country. We have skilled journalists, former educators, farmers, tradespeople, bankers, financial advisers, truckers, real estate agents, and so many others on our teams. Their experiences give them the perspective needed to ensure our stories resonate with the majority – not just a few.

Everyone here understands and lives up to our high standards. We demand nothing but the best when it comes to journalistic integrity, transparency, and disclosure of any potential conflicts. We have a zero-tolerance policy for dishonest reporting, biased editorialization, and conflicts of interest.

Stay in Touch

Our team would love to hear from you. Your questions, comments, and even your critiques help create the dialogue we need to improve and deliver what you deserve day in and day out. Send us an email or reply to any of our newsletters to touch base. Our editors read all messages and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Team