Trump Complains About Teleprompter at Rally, Warns Won’t Pay Crew

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Las Vegas, which was just another stop on the presumptive Republican nominee’s trail to election day. It seems the event faced technical...

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Red Nation Today serves a conservative readership. We’re committed to providing our readers with the information they need to make informed decisions at the voting booth and in their communities. Presented without liberal bias, Red Nation Today and its premier newsletters aim to educate and inform Americans with traditional values. 

Presented without liberal bias, Red Nation Today and its premier newsletters aim to educate and inform Americans with traditional values.

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The mission of Red Nation Today is to inform and educate conservative Americans about issues affecting and threatening their personal rights and freedoms. We’re focused on preserving the rights guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution. 

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Red Nation Today believes in uniting the conservative movement through strength. By being informed about politics, we can achieve that mission. Nationwide News focuses on critical issues such as the right to life, the freedom of speech, and the right to gun ownership. This newsletter is free of liberal bias like you’ll find in mainstream media sources. Nationwide News helps you exercise personal responsibility by ensuring you stay informed about critical issues affecting your personal rights and freedoms as a conservative American — allowing you to take action in your community and in the voting booth.

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When she wandering into a Home Bargains store to pick up some chocolate to take the edge off a bad day, a woman who wishes only to be identified as “Sara” says she was...

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