Our Team

Meet the Red Nation Today Team

Thank you so much for visiting Red Nation Today. Everyone here knows how overwhelming the news can be, with different spins and agendas coming at us from all angles. We’re incredibly proud of our team – a group of diverse American patriots dedicated to bringing our readers the most accurate, thoughtful, and insightful news possible each day. They’re incredibly dedicated and passionate about our mission.

The Red Nation Today Mission

We all get up each day with goals. Most of us want to provide for our families, live fulfilled lives, and become as self-reliant as possible. In order to do so, we have to be able to sift through the myriad of news stories thrown at us each morning in order to find the ones that actually have purpose and meaning. We need to know what issues actually matter – which are threatening our lives and our rights.

We work hard to remain unbiased while presenting information that is fact-checked to the best of our abilities. We know how insidious MSM influence can be, and it is our mission to combat that with respectful, responsible reporting.

Our Incredible Team

The team here at Red Nation Today is skilled and diverse. Each of our team members represent the American patriot as a whole, but individually reflect the melting pot that is our incredible country. We have skilled journalists, former educators, farmers, tradespeople, bankers, financial advisers, truckers, real estate agents, and so many others on our teams. Their experiences give them the perspective needed to ensure our stories resonate with the majority – not just a few.

Everyone here understands and lives up to our high standards. We demand nothing but the best when it comes to journalistic integrity, transparency, and disclosure of any potential conflicts. We have a zero-tolerance policy for dishonest reporting, biased editorialization, and conflicts of interest.

Stay in Touch

Our team would love to hear from you. Your questions, comments, and even your critiques help create the dialogue we need to improve and deliver what you deserve day in and day out. Send us an email or reply to any of our newsletters to touch base. Our editors read all messages and will get back to you as soon as possible.